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St Peter's College, Adelaide, is a school with a remarkable academic record - the education of three Nobel Laureates is surely, in part, testimony for that claim. However, more than a century and a half of existence has demonstrated that past glories do not guarantee future excellence in a world of constant change.

St Peter's College new Strategic Plan - "Our Preferred Future" - seeks, as a minimum, to sustain Saints' reputation as an educational institution of first choice. But, importantly, the Plan views this reputation as the platform from which to strive for the next level of achievement. The strategy is both anchored in solid foundations set down over nearly 170 years yet retains dynamism and flexibility to adapt.

The Plan reflects Saints' response to the changes we can foresee while leaving room to accommodate developments that, at this time, we cannot possibly anticipate. As a consequence, the Plan contains a compelling mix of educational innovation and entrepreneurial creativity and community partnerships.

We want every boy who is taught at Saints to get the very best - in body, mind and spirit. After our boys leave us for the last time, we want them to set out and make the world a better place. "Our Preferred Future" is our blueprint for how that should be achieved. It is not cast in concrete although some elements - for instance, continually striving for academic excellence - are not negotiable.

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