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Global developments in information technology provide enormous opportunities for our School to create dynamic and engaging digital environments for students, parents, staff and the wider Saints community. ICLT (Information, Communication and Learning Technologies) will assist the School in delivering all aspects of its Strategic Plan: Our Preferred Future. The School's Learning and Teaching goals, in particular, will be achieved through the School's eLearning program. Our eLearning vision is to foster the integration of ICLT (Information, Communication and Learning Technologies) throughout the School, delivering an agile, innovative and effective Teaching and Learning environment.

Our successful integration of eLearning programs has been recognised by Apple, who announced St Peter's College as an Apple Distinguished School in 2013. Saints also has three Apple Distinguished Educators on staff, an unusually high cluster.

Saints has also been praised for its pro-active approach to digital citizenship and cybersafety, being the first School in South Australia to gain eSmart accreditation.

While much has changed in the provision of technology in the past few years, the quality of learning has been and remains at the centre of the decision-making regarding technological devices. As such, if new developments in technology promise to enrich the learning further, Saints is committed to explore and pursue them in the best interest of the students.

Personalised Devices

To support the School's eLearning vision, all students throughout the School will have access to personalised technology devices to provide them with ready access to technology at the point of need. The aim is to help students learn through the use of relevant 21st-century tools and understand that learning does not stop at the school door, but rather functions on an 'anywhere-anytime' basis. Boys from Reception to Year 4 use an iPad in their day-to-day learning. The School provides families with an iPad upon enrolment. Boys in Years 5-8 will use an iPad and a personally-owned MacBook in their lessons, and boys in Years 9-12 use a personalised MacBook for learning, data management and personal organisation.

This program operates on a cost-share model. The School provides a fit-for-purpose wireless network infrastructure, education software, Keystone (our in-built digital learning platform) technological assistance and electronic resources, and parents provide a compatible MacBook.

As part of the program, the School has partnered with Campion education to provide electronic textbooks as an alternative or supplement to the hard copy equivalent. As such, parents and students often have a choice as to which format they prefer to use.

While much has changed in the provision of technology in past few years, the quality learning of learning has been and remains at the centre of the decision-making regarding technological devices. As such, if new developments in technology promise to enrich the learning further, Saints is committed to explore and pursue them in the best interest of the students.

Digital Confidence

The digital confidence levels of the Saints community are both impressive and in continuous growth, and they enable teachers and students to use technology to transform learning. To develop confidence in using a diverse range of technologies, Saints provides users with support structures that satisfy their individual needs. Ongoing structured formal training is offered to all teachers and students, and 'just in time' support is also continuously available.

1. Support for our students

Digital confidence skills are developed throughout a boy's life at Saints, both through the daily use of their personalised device, through explicit learning in Technology lessons, and through Clubs and Activities that focus on digital technologies. Students of St Peter's College regularly display best- practice, exemplar use of technology to research, curate, create and present their learning. To assist with any technical difficulties, Keystone Support Centres have been established in the Junior and Senior Schools. These centres are staffed 8:00am - 4:00pm each school day to provide proactive and reactive support for our users. These centres are the human face of hardware and software support, providing users with confidence that support is available at the point of need.

2. Support for our staff

Saints approach to technology is founded on the understanding that technology serves and enriches the learning. Through a confident application of technology, lessons can be enhanced in creative, interactive, engaging and academically rigorous ways.

Increasingly, teachers at Saints are displaying proficient levels of digital confidence. This has been recognised through the School's significant awards in eLearning, and is in evidence in the exemplar educational resources that the School has published on the iBooks Store and the iTunes U Catalogue. Teacher's ICLT capabilities are constantly being supported and under review, so that the use of technology remains at the forefront of best-practice and serves excellent teaching and learning.

3. Support for our parents

Throughout the year we communicate with parents to support the development of their digital confidence. There is an emphasis on raising awareness of the learning opportunities liberated by effective use of technology, and practical examples of how technology can be best manages in the home environment, as well as providing advice on how to address misuse of technology.


St Peter's College has developed Keystone, a digital learning, communication and information platform that supports the School community and places the user at the centre of the experience. As it was built by St Peter's College, it continues to develop in response to the community's needs and ambitions.

Upon enrolment, all parents are provided with their own login details to interact with this system and receive up to date, real-time information about their son's progress at school. Through Keystone, our students have their homework tasks, academic assessments, sporting fixtures, House events, wellbeing information and much more recorded online and available in real time.

Keystone is also a crucial resource for learning within and without the classroom. Through a range of tools, including digital, media-rich resources, Wikis, Blogs, Galleries and more, teachers and students are able to collaborate and share their learning journey online, therefore extending learning beyond the classroom.

Further developments focusing on the way Keystone can enhance assessment and reporting are imminent, through the launch of the School's new online reporting tool: The Learning Curve. This will enrich the way data about student performance can be used to understand attainment in detail and achieve measurable growth in student attainment.

Keystone is fully operational on a broad range of web-enabled devices.

Keystone Support Centre

The Keystone Support Centres in the Junior and Senior Schools are staffed 8:00am - 4:00pm each school day to provide proactive and reactive support for our users. Below are some of the services they provide.

Acquiring Hardware

To allow ready access to affordable ICLT resources, the School has partnered with the authorised Apple reseller, LeetGeek to provide an online store for our immediate community. This store can be accessed at any time via this link. Once an order has been placed, LeetGeek will arrange for the equipment to be delivered to the School. On receipt of the order, the Keystone Support Centre will preconfigure the equipment so it is ready for use within our program, and advise when the order can be collected from the Keystone Support Centre. As part of this partnership the School is also a registered Apple Repair Centre, to allow any repairs or warranty work to be conducted on-site.

Acquiring Software

Any software required to support the Teaching and Learning program is provided as part of the ICLT levy. Students can download this software via the Self Service application. Some applications are required to be removed once a student's enrolment with the School ceases. Software allocated to students include, Microsoft Office, iLife, iWork, iOS Apps and an array of subject-specific applications.


The online store includes a range of discounted ICLT accessories which are associated with the laptop computer, including bags, portable hard drives and headphones. In addition to these items, the store also provides access to items which support the parent digital confidence program, for example wireless router / modem which includes parental controls and access to laptop insurance and purchasing programs.

Contact and FAQs

At St Peter's College we understand there are many questions you may have regarding eLearning.

We have provided a range of answers to common questions in the attachment below.

Download E-learning-FAQ

However, if you have a technical support enquiry, please contact the Keystone Parent Support Line on: or (08) 8404 0444, or visit the Keystone Support Centre during these times:

A message can be left for the Keystone Support Centre outside of operational hours via email, service desk web portal or telephone. Enquiries are actioned by Keystone Support staff within two working days.

Should you wish to make an enquiry regarding the School's eLearning vision, please contact the Director of eLearning Walter Barbieri on: or (08) 8404 0701.

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