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Information, Communication and Learning Technologies Program

Since its introduction in 2011, Saints has realised a mobile technology program that provides students with ready access to technology at the point of need. The aims and objectives of this program are based in the aim to provide world-class, rich, engaging learning experiences for all boys.

Educational bodies are increasingly placing digital fluency and flexible, collaborative pedagogies at the centre of their core learning objectives. As such, the technology is there to serve and enhance the learning, rather than being an end to itself.

In the Junior School, in 2014 all students from Reception to Year 5 will be able to use a personally-owned iPad, and all students in Years 6 to Year 7 will have a personally-owned MacBook. The aim is to help students understand that learning does not stop at the school door, but should function on an ‘anywhere-anytime’ basis.

Each student in the Senior School also owns and uses a MacBook, which they carry to all lessons, to streamline data management, create content and enhance their learning.

This program operates on a cost-share model. The School provides a fit-for-purpose wireless network infrastructure, education software, Keystone (our in-built digital learning platform) technological assistance and electronic resources, and parents provide a compatible MacBook.

As part of the program, the School has partnered with Campion education to provide electronic textbooks as an alternative or supplement to the hard copy equivalent. As such, parents and students often have a choice as to which format they prefer to use.

While much has changed in the provision of technology in past few years, the quality learning of learning has been and remains at the centre of the decision-making regarding technological devices. As such, if new developments in technology promise to enrich the learning further, Saints is committed to explore and pursue them in the best interest of the students.

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