Digital Confidence Programs.

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Saints’ approach to technology is founded on the understanding that technology serves the learning. Through a confident application of technology, lessons can be enriched and enhanced in creative, interactive, engaging and academically rigorous ways.

To develop confidence in using a diverse range of technologies, Saints provides users with support structures that satisfy their individual needs. While structured formal training is important, the notion of ‘just in time’ support is also crucial for a vibrant digital environment to be realised.

The key components of the digital confidence program are:

1. Support for our students

Keystone Support Centres have been established in the Junior and Senior Schools.
These centres are staffed 8:00am - 4:00pm each school day to provide proactive and reactive support for our users.

These centres are the human face of hardware and software support, providing users with confidence that support is available at the point of need.

Increasingly, teachers at Saints are displaying proficient digital confidence. This can obviously be applied during lessons to help students use technology to enhance and enrich their learning experience.

2. Support for our staff

Fourteen staff from across all sections of the School have been appointed to the position of ICLT Lead Teacher. 
These teachers have been involved in professional development programs facilitated by Beyond Chalk and are charged with the responsibility of sharing their skills with their colleagues.

Each ICLT Lead Teacher also coordinates a group of colleagues in a My PD program, wherein all teachers re-develop a sequence of lessons by using technology in creative, meaningful ways.

The My PD program follows the SAMR model (theorized by Dr Puentedura) to encourage all staff to devise new, powerful ways of achieving learning objectives through the use of technology. A searchable database of these projects will become available to teachers, so that staff may learn from their peers.

3. Support for our parents

Throughout the year we communicate with parents to support the development of their digital confidence.
 there is an emphasis on raising awareness of the learning opportunities liberated by technology, and practical examples of how technology can be best manages in the home environment, as well as providing advice on how to address misuse of technology.

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