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Students and their parents are encouraged to discuss subject selection with several key staff. In the first instance, a student’s Head of House will know his strengths, weaknesses and interests, and may provide personal guidance based upon this intimate knowledge.

For information about the requirements of the SACE, the SACE Coordinator and Mr Paul Hadfield, the IB Diploma Coordinator, may be contacted.

For information about the subject selection process at Year 8, 9 and 10, or queries in general, please contact the Assistant Director of Learning and Teaching Excellence, Mr Sam Cheesman. For specific information about individual subjects please contact the relevant Head of Faculty or the Subject Coordinator. Mr Mark Colsey, the Careers Counsellor, can give students a general understanding of the implications for tertiary or work aspirations of subject selection at Year 11 and 12.

An Information Evening is held early in Term 3 for all current Year 10 students to discuss subject selection in both the SACE and the IB followed by a preliminary selection of subjects for all students.

Students will be asked to confirm their preliminary choices following end-of-year examinations. SACE students will select subjects for Year 11 only; they will select Year 12 courses towards the end of their Year 11 studies. IB students enrol in a two-year course; it is usually possible to leave confirmation of which subjects will be taken at higher level, and which at standard level, until near the end of the first year.

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