Previous Page "Enriching the holistic learning experiences for boys through co-curricular endeavours."

Co-curricular plays an important role in the life of a Saints boy. We are committed to helping boys to understand the lifelong benefits of engagement in sport and cultural pursuits.

Sport is an excellent outlet and opportunity for boys, but the real reason we should value sport is that it helps to shape character. It’s about how the boys play the game; how they win or lose; their skill acquisition; the relationships established within their teams and the enjoyment they have experienced in successes and failures. Through sport we learn to win with grace, lose with dignity and participate with pride.

Performing arts allow boys to express their inner essence, develop empathy and compassion and discover the sensitivity that inhabits each human being, male or female. It provides the foundation for students to discover new skills; gain confidence; take risks and enjoy the experience of working with others, or individually, to achieve goals.

Co-curricular undertaking, whether it is developed in sport, music, outdoor education or performing arts is a vital way in which young people learn about themselves and about each other.

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