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Junior School Co-curricular Sport

Boys in Years 4, 5, and 6 are expected and encouraged to represent the School in both a Summer and Winter sport team.

Game and practice times

These teams play either mid week, Friday afternoon or Saturday morning. Boys are only allowed to play one sport each season, the only exception to this being those boys who represent the School in Cross Country, Swimming and Athletics. Boys who are chosen for squads must inform the manager/coach if they are unable to practice. Practices begin at 3:30pm and finish at 4:30pm. Boys are to wear the stated Interschool sport uniform for practices.

Hot/wet weather

If the weather conditions are not suitable for practice, i.e. extremely wet conditions or in summer the expected temperature in The Advertiser is 35 degrees or above for that day the boys will be supervised, either until parents pick them up, or until normal practice finishing time.

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