Outdoor Education - Pushing the Boundaries

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Our Outdoor Education Program “Pushing the Boundaries” takes boys outside of the traditional school grounds. It provides them with experiences and challenges that, unlike any normal classroom, help boys to experience the thrill of adventure and gain confidence, personal growth and a sense of place in the world. Through a series of journeys in a wilderness environment, courage, grit, determination, passion, endurance, commitment and integrity will all be challenged as each boy is immersed in Outdoor Education at Saints.

Junior School

In the Junior School, Outdoor Education takes the form of four programs that enable boys to feel confident away from home, develop an awareness of their physical world and to increase their knowledge of local history.

Senior School

From Years 8 to 10 all students participate in a sequential Outdoor Education Program that includes a two-day program followed by a five-day journey at each year level, culminating in a 21-day journey in Year 10 to develop each boys’ personal responsibility, teamwork and independence as well as an understanding of human impacts on local environment systems.

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