Performing Arts.

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The importance of fostering creativity and imagination, and providing opportunities for self-expression, is reflected in the significant place that the Performing Arts holds in the co-curricular program.

From Reception onwards, boys are encouraged to develop a love of music. Musical talent is nurtures and everyone has the opportunity to experience the pleasure that music can bring through singing and performing in concerts and recitals. The School has an extensive range of orchestra and string ensembles, concert bands, stage bands, other instrumental groups and choirs. More than 40% of boys learn a musical instrument with expert tuition provided by over thirty specialists.

An appreciation of art and hands-on experience in a variety of artistic media is encouraged from an early age. Alongside the traditional areas of painting, drawing, sculpting, print making, modelling and ceramics, the use of modern technology enables the boys to explore new and exciting art forms. Through specialised teaching, visiting artist-in-residence programs and Art Clubs boys not only learn different techniques and styles, but develop unique way to present their ideas and feelings.

Through drama, too, boys develop the confidence to express themselves and learn the value of working together in a close-knit group. A wide range of dramatic productions, frequently in conjunction with one of the local girls’ schools, promotes the development of skills not only in acting but also in directing, producing, staging and lighting. Productions range from nativity and year-level plays to full-scale theatre and musicals.

Music Drama
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