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A strong partnership between the School and home is fostered from the time a boy enters the school, and the continuation of a close association is valued long after he leaves.

There are a broad range of supporter groups, established to engage members of the wider Saints community in the life of the School, with three main organisations which engender this sense of community; Friends of Saints (both Junior and Senior) provides a network for parents and friends across the school, The Collegians Association comprises over 8500 former students and the Foundation is the key fundraising arm of the school.

Additionally, valued support also comes from other groups including the Mission Guild, the Friends of the Chapel, the Friends of Music, and various other committees.

These organisations are administered through the Development Office, which acts as a central hub for community information.

Old Collegians' Association

Old Collegians' Association

St Peter's College has an active and supportive Old Collegians' Association.

Visit their internet site to discover the extensive activities provided by this organisation.

Senior School Friends of Saints

Senior School Friends of Saints

The Senior School Friends of Saints (SSFOS) is a committee comprising representatives from families within the Senior School community. SSFOS involves parents from all elements of the Senior School as we work to build relationships that foster a sense of community at Saints. The committee arranges several functions throughout the school year aimed at promoting friendships and positive relationships amongst the Senior School community.

The types of functions held include Bottle and Plate Nights and Cocktail Evenings giving both new families as well as those established at the School an opportunity to develop friendships with other members of the Saints community.

Your involvement in our fundraising efforts will also assist us with the modest projects that Friends of Saints undertakes and which further support the welfare and development of the Senior School.

Friends of Music

Friends of Music

Friends of Music is a committee comprised of parents of boys involved in the Music program across the School. The principle aim of the committee is to support, encourage and promote music within the School and wider community.

A Cabaret evening, which is the major fundraiser held each year by the committee, is an extremely popular event from which funds are channelled back into the Music Department for instruments, equipment or other particular needs to benefit the music students. The committee also assist with other concerts throughout the year.

Junior School Friends of Saints

Junior School Friends of Saints

Junior School Friends of Saints (JSFOS) is a committee comprising representatives from families within the Junior School community. The principle function of the committee is to organise and run events throughout the school year aimed at promoting friendships and positive relationships amongst the Junior School community.

Each term at least one function is held to enable families to socialise in a friendly atmosphere. Examples of events held include the annual Junior School Breakfast, the Junior School Friends of Saints Quiz Night, a Pizza Night and the Christmas Cocktail Party to finish off the school year on a positive note. Money raised at the events is in turn channelled back into the Junior School to fund worthwhile projects which benefit the students.

The work of the committee is strongly supported by the Class Representatives who organise events for families in their year levels such as coffee mornings and Bottle and Plate nights.

Mission Guild

Mission Guild

The Mission Guild, is one of the five parts of the Mission, and is made up of up to 60 mothers/guardians of current students at the School, plus the ex-officio members, (mothers of the Junior School Captain and Senior School Captain and Vice-Captains). The group was formed in 1923 at the suggestion of the Headmaster, to assist in the raising of funds for the charitable projects being supported by the Mission.

The Members of the Mission Guild raise funds through a variety of activities throughout the year. These include an annual fundraiser, currently the Mother’s Day Morning Tea, the annual Bridge Day, held in Memorial Hall, supper for many School concerts, plays and musicals, catering for the annual Anglican Synod and the running of the Used Uniform Shop.

In the last 10 years the Mission Guild has donated in excess of $300,000 to Anglican charities.

Upcoming 2014 Events:
  • Friday 9 May – Mission Guild Mother’s Day Morning Tea
  • Thursday 30 October – Mission Guild Bridge Day
  • Friday 28 November – AGM
Friends of the Chapel

Friends of the Chapel

Formed in 1984, the Friends of the Chapel is a group of people with a common interest in the School and it’s Chapel.

The aims of the group are:

  • To beautify the Chapel
  • To add to the Chapel’s meaning within the life of the School
  • To provide a means whereby old and present scholars and their families and friends may maintain a link with the School.

A Service is held in the Chapel each term, and this is followed by a short meeting, a guest speaker, and concluded with afternoon tea.

New members are very welcome.

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