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Since the School's foundation in 1847, the School has been sustained and developed from generation to generation by wonderful, inspiring acts of generosity, large and small. The School we experience today is thanks to the thoughts, kindness and deeds of past students, parents and friends of St Peter's College.

Once you have taken care of those closest to you, including Saints in your Will is your opportunity to invest in the future of our students and the quality of their education - a meaningful way to recognise your connection to the School.

A bequest is an opportunity for you to make a tangible and lasting gift without affecting your current financial situation. Often a bequest is the largest gift that someone will ever make but it doesn't have to be. Whether large or small, a bequest can help reflect in death what has been important to you in life. It can serve as a testimony to your values and beliefs.

To read more about making a gift in your Will, please see below for some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or speak in confidence to our Development Officer, Liz Campbell on +61 8 8404 0518 or about your personal passions within the School environment and how they might be reflected in a bequest.

Thank you for considering leaving a gift in your Will to St Peter's College. You will be leaving a lasting legacy for future generations of Saints boys.

Frequently Asked Questions
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