A range of scholarships are now open for applications. Information about each scholarship is below, please note the closing dates and application requirements.

For more information, please contact the Admissions Office on +618 8404 0400 or

Vansittart Scholarship for Boarding for Year 10 in 2022

The Vansittart Scholarship is offered to a Year 10 boarder, with a remission of 100% boarding fees and 100% tuition fees for a duration of three years. Applicants qualified to apply for the Vansittart Scholarship must reside in the County of Grey for a period of three consecutive years minimum, preceding the award.

Boarding Scholarships for Years 7-11 in 2022

The Boarding Scholarships are for boys in Years 7 to 11. The scholarships provide remission of up to 50% of tuition fees for up to six years, depending on year of entry. Applications close Friday 5 March 2021.

St Peter’s College Foundation Scholarship for Year 10 or Year 11 in 2022

The St Peter’s College Foundation Scholarship offers 100% remission of tuition, fixed charges, IT levy and enrolment and application fees for a student not currently enrolled at the School and commencing in Years 10 or 11 in 2022. Applications close Friday 30 July 2021.