Junior School Houses.

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It was in 1920, then Headmaster, Rev’d KJF Bickersteth started the House system in the School. Originally, the Junior School boys (formerly known as the Preparatory School) shared the same House names as the Senior School. These names were carried through until 1948 when the Houses were renamed after members of the Preparatory (Prep) School staff who had made significant contributions. These included: Brooks, Stokes and Ware after former Masters in charge of the Prep School and Dyer, after the Second Master. The Clayton House was formed in 1955. However, in 1958, these five Houses, along with School House (for boarders) were rearranged to make four Houses.


Mr F Ware (affectionately known as ‘Ranji’) commenced at St Peter’s College in 1898. In 1910 he was appointed Master-in-charge of the newly formed Preparatory School. He retired from the position in 1922 but remained working in the School as an assistant. He was referred to as a ‘thorough teacher, devoted to his work.’

Mr E Stokes took over the position of Master-in-charge of the Prep School in 1923. During his time the Prep School increased in size, attaining a total of 258 boys in 1926, the highest for any year until 1940.

The colour brown represents the House, Stokes-Ware.


Mr A J Brooks succeeded Mr Stokes as Master-in-charge of the Prep School. He, too, was an Old Scholar. He presided over the Prep until his retirement in 1942. Mr Brooks saw the Prep School through the depression years (1930 – 1934) when the Prep School numbers fell to 185, but grew to 265 before his retirement in 1942.

The colour yellow represents the House, Brooks.


Mr M Clayton was Master-in-charge from 1943 until 1953. He was originally a Science Teacher in the Senior School. During his time, the Prep School grew to over 300 boys. He resigned to take up farming in Tea-Tree Gully.

Mr C Dyer was a Second Master in the Prep School from 1932 until 1949. During Mr Clayton’s study leave, he acted as Head of the Prep in 1949. Even after resigning he continued his association with the School and relieved as required.

The colour grey represents the House, Clayton-Dyer.


Mr M Alliston became Master-in-charge in 1963 until 1974. Mr Alliston introduced chess into the Prep School and it wasn’t long before more boys participated in it than any other co-curricular activity.

Mr T Jones was appointed as Master-in charge of the Prep School in 1954 and remained until 1963. During his time he was responsible for the reorganisation of the way boys were assessed as well as the arrangement of three forms in Years 5, 6 and 7.

The colour blue represents the House, Alliston-Jones.

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