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Find out more about the St Peter's College Outdoor Education Program: Pushing the Boundaries by either viewing or downloading the PDF below.

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In our 2011–2014 School’s Strategic Plan Towards a Preferred Future, six key strategic goals were clearly identified to be developed and achieved. One of these goals, co-curricular, committed the School to ‘enriching the holistic learning experiences for boys through co-curricular endeavours’. An objective within this was the delivery of a meaningful outdoor education program to enhance student wellbeing.

In 2012 Saints engaged an expert to assist us in evaluating best practice in outdoor education. Key factors that identify best practice were determined and our existing program was reviewed. Following an extensive consultation and evaluation process, concluding in 2013, a new vision for Outdoor Education was determined.

Our new program Pushing the Boundaries, provides each boy with a physical challenge, teaching them about their inner strengths combined with an enormous amount of thrill, excitement, animation and being fully alive with what has been achieved and the surroundings besieging it. As part of Pushing the Boundaries the boys undertake these challenges individually and as part of a group experience.

As we nurture a young man in partnership with nature and the outdoors, something special happens. Boys will be deeply touched by the natural environment. They will be humbled by the experience in a manner, which will enrich their spirit and provide them with a sense of place in the world.

Courage, grit, determination, passion, endurance, commitment and integrity will all be challenged as each boy is immersed in Outdoor Education at Saints. I commend this information to you as I am sure you will find it as exciting as we do. The above brochure explains in more detail the vision, philosophy and objectives around Pushing the Boundaries and will depict in greater detail, an overview of the program, from Years 4 to 10.

Simon Murray

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