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At St Peter’s College we believe that developing a boys character is as important as fostering his intellect. Positive Education classes at Saints are based on the science of wellbeing and focus on tools that will teach your son strategies for dealing with real-life situations both good and bad.

Our goal is to develop lifelong resilience.

Our internationally recognised Wellbeing & Positive Education approach is based on teaching boys skills they need to manage and cope with opportunities and challenges in a changing world.

If you were to put the following statements to your son what do you think might be their responses?

From 2011-2012 St Peter’s College worked closely with international experts in wellbeing to strengthen our existing pastoral care structures. We achieved this by reasserting that wellbeing is central to the development of our boys.

Wellbeing at St Peter’s College is defined by Dr Martin Seligman’s “PERMA” model of wellbeing. Dr Seligman’s definition of wellbeing is made up of five elements. Positive emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Accomplishment, as published in his latest book Flourish (Knopf 2011).

Common questions include “How will this benefit my son?” or “Will he be more confident?” as a result of Positive Education. They are good questions. St Peter’s College wellbeing approach is evidence based, that is, its effectiveness has already been demonstrated.

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