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Strength-based Parenting Workshop Series

The Strength-based Parenting Workshop Series for this year has now concluded. We will be offered these again in 2017. Please check back later in the year for updated.

To advance objective 3 of the Wellbeing Goal: to teach, build, and embed personal and community competencies of wellbeing St Peter’s College commissioned Michelle McQuaid and Marie McLeod in 2016 to write and present four workshops on Strength-Based Parenting.

St Peter’s College is now the first institution in the world to offer fully aligned and scientifically informed Positive Education programs to students, staff and parents.

Structure of Workshops

Below is a summary of the evaluation of 2016 participants:

Melbourne Graduate School of Education Professional Certificate in Positive Education

Since 2014 St Peter’s College has partnered with Australia's No. 1 research centre for Education, the Melbourne Graduate School of Education (MGSE) at The University of Melbourne, to deliver the Professional Certificate in Education (Positive Education) to the public, onsite at St Peter’s College.

A formal award from the University of Melbourne, the Professional Certificate assessment includes verbal and video presentations, and exercises that are workplace based, providing the opportunity to link the theory and practice to work in the classroom or the school community more broadly.

The MGSE has assembled an outstanding team of faculty to deliver the course content including Dr Peggy Kern, Michelle McQuaid and Mary Tobin and Dr Mathew White.

St Peter’s College Wellbeing Courses

Since 2011 St Peter’s College has been asked to provide assistance and support to many other schools and educational systems. Our courses are designed with the principles of adult learning and are structured in a way so that participants can have a positive impact on young people and the schools they lead. They are designed as an introduction to positive education principles.

Our programs are unique and have been developed in consultation with some of the world’s leaders in the field. Our courses focus on high-quality educational experiences for teachers, parents and the wider community and include:

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