The Saints Philosophy

Our culture consists of our shared values, beliefs and behaviours and is central to everything we do. Our culture guides our decisions and actions and has a potent effect on our School’s wellbeing and achievements. This culture is underpinned by our vision, mission, impact and values.

Our mission is to provide an exceptional education that brings out the very best in every boy. We do this within an intellectually and spiritually rich environment that nurtures international-mindedness, intercultural understanding, respect and a commitment to social justice.

We build great men who:

  • Believe safety, service and integrity are fundamental parts of their lives.
  • Are active members of socially and culturally diverse communities.
  • Engage in political, ethical and environmental challenges as good citizens.
Our vision is to be a world-class school where all boys flourish

Our Values

Our values are central to enabling us to achieve our vision and mission. Our values underpin our behaviours. They inform how we interact with each other and engage with our local and international communities.

  • Building lifelong commitment to serve others.
  • Building leadership capability.
  • Celebrating the uniqueness of each boy.
  • Celebrating accomplishment.
  • Developing emotional maturity.
  • Developing lifelong learning, engagement, meaning and purpose.
  • Embracing creative potential.
  • Fostering honesty, integrity and wellbeing.
  • Honouring diversity.
  • Valuing teamwork, collaboration and communication.
  • Unlocking individual virtues and strengths.