At St Peter’s College, we are much more than a school for boys; we are a thriving and passionate community that works in partnership to help each and every student and family to thrive. We are a warm and welcoming community where past and current parents, old scholars and other members of the Saints community are actively encouraged to be engaged in School life.

Saints benefits tremendously from our wonderful volunteers who do so much to build a close-knit community.

Volunteers play a large part in the life of the School by enhancing the lives of the boys, raising funds for School initiatives and charities, and providing multiple opportunities for others to engage with the Saints community.

Opportunities for Parents

  • Helping boys with their reading through the Learning Assistance Program.
  • Joining Junior or Senior School Friends of Saints or supporting their events or initiatives.
  • Hosting a Bottle and Plate Night for your son’s year level.
  • Volunteering at Careers Evening to provide career advice to students.
  • Holding events that bring together current parents to create a sense of community within the School.
  • Helping to cater for hungry boys at sporting events and helping with scoring and umpiring.
  • Helping to preserve the rich history of the School by assisting in the Archives.
  • Assisting with the upkeep and to maintain the beauty of the Chapel.
  • Members of the Saints community can get involved by joining one of the community groups or by emailing volunteer@stpeters.sa.edu.au

Opportunities for Old Scholars

  • Joining an old collegians’ sporting clubs.
  • Becoming a class champion and connecting classmates through reunions.
  • Joining the SPCA committee to help provide strategic guidance on the direction of the alumni program.
  • Participating at a global level through regional, interstate or international branch activities.
  • Contributing to latest news by sharing career or life adventures with the community.
  • For more information visit spca.com.au or email spca@stpeters.sa.edu.au