Our Christian Belief

St Peter’s College is an active and meaningful place of worship where students participate in regular Chapel services led by the School Chaplains. Saints is a safe and inclusive learning space and we welcome boys from all backgrounds.

Religious and Values Education is taught throughout the School. As an Anglican School, we recognise the balance that Scripture, tradition and reason brings to every boy’s wellbeing. Like the great Anglican theologian Richard Hooker, we believe reason and tradition help us interpret and understand Scripture. Believing that God’s presence is experienced within creation and brought to life in the Scriptures, the School aims to awaken the awareness of God’s presence in all students, encouraging them to explore their spirituality and to think about their faith. Boys are encouraged to think and are challenged to express what they believe.

Day students attend Chapel during the week and the boarders attend a service on Sunday evenings. A voluntary service of Holy Communion is celebrated most Wednesdays at 8.00am.