ELC at Saints

The ELC at St Peter’s College has been providing a warm and nurturing learning environment for 20 years. We provide a dynamic and responsive preschool for boys aged three to four and our extensive learning program is fun and playful.

Our caring, experienced and highly qualified staff work closely with each boy, enabling him to feel safe, secure and valued. Our boys learn in small groups and each room is led by a qualified and experienced teacher. We believe this is critical for effective learning in the early years.


Our staff are passionate about educating boys and strongly believe that many boys thrive and learn best in a single-sex environment. In the ELC, boys learn through a variety of experiences and routines and are able to extend their ideas and skills through interactive and hands-on learning, both indoors and outside. Our core learning areas include literacy, numeracy, problem solving and thinking skills, creativity and the arts, and physical and social development.

The ELC curriculum has been developed using the ‘belonging, being and becoming’ learning framework developed by the Australian Government and our centre has been awarded the highest possible rating by the National Quality Framework and Standards. Our educators plan for learning and respond to teachable moments based on their observations and understanding of children’s learning and development. The ELC is also influenced by the principles of Reggio Emilia as well as the School’s positive education and wellbeing programs.

ELC Operating Information

To acknowledge the reality of many families where both parents work and to be accessible to as many boys as possible, we are making some changes to our ELC.

From 2018, the day rate for the ELC will be $80 (not rebatable) and the centre will be open for longer hours, from 8.00am to 5.00pm. Boys will be encouraged to attend for a minimum of three days and families will continue to provide snacks and lunch. The ELC will continue to be open in term times, for 38 weeks of the year, and fully rebatable vacation care is available for boys aged four or more during the holidays. These changes will be effective from January 2018 and will apply to new and existing families.

To be eligible for the ELC, boys need to turn four before 1 May of the proposed year of entry. Places are also offered to three year olds who can enrol to commence a two-year journey.

A Day in the ELC

From 2018, we are making some changes to the ELC. The program below will be operational from January 2018.

8:00am The centre opens and parents and students are welcomed by educators upon arrival. A variety of inside experiences are available to boys to engage with until everyone arrives.
9:00am Morning meeting.
Mid-morning Brain break – boys bring a healthy snack from home.
Learning experiences continue inside and outside. On some days, this will include music or a visit to the library located in the Junior School.
Noon Lunchtime – boys eat lunches brought from home.
Afternoon Quiet play and rest routines following lunch before continuing inside and outside learning.
3.30pm End of the formal ELC day; children can be collected at any time from 3.00pm.
Learning experiences continue for children who stay past 3.30pm. This may include harvesting produce from our ELC vegetable garden, preparing and sharing afternoon tea, stories and puzzles.
5.00pm The ELC closes.

Experience the ELC at Saints

Limited places are available in 2019 and enrolments are now open for 2020 and 2021.

For more information attend an Open Morning or book a personal tour.