Chinese Movie Social Night with Seymour by Chinese Society

Posted 10 November 2023
Senior School

On Wednesday 1 November, the Chinese Society held a movie social night with Seymour College at Palace Nova Eastend Cinemas to watch a Chinese Drama/Family film called Mozart from Space, 《外太空的莫扎特. With over 30 students attending the night from both schools, allowed the students from different backgrounds and ages to meet and establish great friendships.

The plot of Mozart from Space is where an alien named “Mozart” appears in the lives of a father and son who can never see eye to eye. Their ongoing arguments stem from the fact that Ren Da Wang wants his son Ren Xiao Tian, who is fascinated by astronomy, to become a pianist. One day, they are confronted by the mysterious alien Mozart. Mozart helps Ren Xiao Tian in a “battle of wits and courage” against his father. The fact that Mozart arrived on Earth as part of a mission was something Ren Xiao Tian never anticipated.

After the movie ended, the reactions from the students were that the movie was very funny and dramatic, giving a strong message that no matter what challenges arise, you should follow your dreams. Overall, the night was very successful, and all students had the opportunity to enjoy the movie, bond and make good friendships.

Additionally, we would like to sincerely thank all the teachers, Ms. Qiu, Ms. Wei, Ms. Li and Ms. You of Seymour College for giving their own time to come with the students and making this movie night possible. Last not but least, thank you to all the Chinese Society committee members, Mars Zhang, Jack Jiang, Henry Zhao, Ravinu Appuhamy and Axel Ling for their contribution and hard work to make this night a success.

Ravinu Appuhamy (WDK)
Secretary of Chinese Society