From the School Captains

Posted 10 November 2023
Whole School

This past month has been bittersweet for us as we close the chapter on our journeys at St Peter’s College. This past year has been a wild ride of many challenges, stressful moments and immense difficulty. However, it has also been the most fulfilling, enjoyable and memorable experience of our lives. We have been given the unique opportunity to give back to the community which has served us so well for a decade, and it has been both a dream and a pleasure.

We are so proud of what we have achieved in the past twelve months. We began our year with the National Student Leadership Summit, and continued with many inter-school events, the Captains’ Cup, the Spectator’s Cup, a fantastic Winter Intercol season and the Blue and White. Further, we were able to raise much-needed funds for both the McGrath Foundation and Beyond Blue, organisations which are vitally important to the community. We’ve been graced with lectures from Stan Grant through the Rex J Lipman program, been able to speak with the Governor of South Australia, and interacted with hundreds of old scholars from around Australia. It has been such a gratifying year, and we feel so lucky to have grow so much in such a short time.

Our time would never have been as enjoyable as it has been without the support and friendship of the students. The boys of SPSC have showered us with support all year, and we are incredibly grateful for how engaged they have been with the immense culture shift we have set SPSC on track to undergo. In particular, the Prefect body has been fantastic as both friends and leaders in assisting our year and allowing us to best guide the boys.

This year would never had been the same without the help from the amazing staff at St Peter’s College. Mr Browning, Mr Eaton, Mr Carter, Mr Savage and Mr Nolan, thank you all for your outstanding leadership and guidance as we traversed the year. We would also like to acknowledge the Teaching and Pastoral care staff, Marketing, Business, Events, Administration, Grounds and Maintenance, School Counsellors, Chaplains, Outdoor ED Department, School Nurses, Chartwells, and the team at Keystone. You are all integral links in the chain and we cannot thank you enough for your help over the past year.

As for us in the last month, we’ve been busy celebrating our graduation with the Year 12 students and preparing our handover with the new School Captains – James Hattingh and Ryan Fowler. We are extremely excited to see what they have in store for 2024, and wish them good luck for their coming year.

As we sign off for the last time, we want to end with a thank you to the community which supported us over the past year. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who helped and aided us with our initiatives and plans all year – we would never have been able to finish without you.

Thank you all.

Thomas Hamilton-Smith and Aidan Hua
School Captains