International exchange program

Posted 10 May 2019
Senior School

The International Exchange program at Saints is a fantastic opportunity for students to experience different cultures. The purpose of the program is to give students the chance to engage with the world outside Australia and have a greater understanding of different cultures. Students in Years 10 are offered the opportunity to live and study overseas with a host family, or in the host school’s boarding house, to help them understand a different life.

This year we will have seven students studying overseas in Terms 2 and 4 with six students hosted with Saints families during Terms 2 and 3. The following students are currently on exchange.

Fred Potter (Year 10)
Fred arrived in Cape Town, South Africa on 1 April to attend Bishops Diocesan College and is being hosted by the Kennedy-Smith family whose son Oliver will be attending Saints during Term 3. Along with his host family, Fred is attending classes, seeing the sites and has been welcomed as one of the family. Accompanied by host student, Oliver, Fred is involved in the Historical Society and has joined the hockey team. Fred is thoroughly enjoying his time in South Africa and the warm hospitality of the Kennedy-Smith family.

Seb Lockie (Year 10) and Tom Wickam (Year 10)
Seb and Tom arrived in Toronto on 10 April to attend Trinity College School in Toronto and both are staying in the Boarding House. They have become immersed in Trinity College life and have made lost of close friends and connections. They were recently presented with their Trinity College ties and have returned from a ski trip to Quebec. Their reciprocal students arrived in Adelaide in April. Connor Ford (Year 10) is being hosted by the Lockie family and Will LaBranche (Year 10) is being hosted by the Wickham family. Both exchange students have already had trips to Middleton to learn to surf and had their first Australian meat pie. Connor is learning AFL for his co-curricular while Will is playing rugby. Both students will take part in the Year 10 Pushing the Boundaries program in May.

Alistair Sarah (Year 10)
Alistair arrived at Upper Canada College in Toronto in April. He is staying in the Boarding House and has already been on a trip to Niagara Falls, organised by a host family. Alistair is learning to ice skate and is even trying his hand at curling!

Harry Seaton (Year 10) and Henry Hawker (Year 10)
Harry and Henry arrived at St Andrew’s College in Johannesburg in April. They have been touring around famous sites in South Africa including Nelson Mandela’s home.

Saints students are extremely lucky to take part in the overseas exchange programs and to see a world beyond Australia. We are grateful to all of the families involved and look forward to continuing relationships in the future. We also look forward to welcoming four exchange students from South Africa and the USA in Term 3. Current Year 9 students and families are asked to consider applying for further exchanges – further information about the exchange program will be forwarded to families later in the 2019.

Sally Ziniak
Coordinator of International Programs