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Posted 10 November 2023
Junior School

Premier’s Reading Challenge

Students in the Junior School who completed the Premier’s Reading Challenge this year have been presented with their awards during their library lessons throughout Week 4. This year the challenge was optional. It was heartening to see that 476 boys across the Junior School completed the challenge. In addition,158 boys completed the 20-book challenge to celebrate the 20th year of the PRC within South Australia.

We presented the following awards:

  • 76 Certificates
  • 72 Bronze Awards
  • 60 Silver Awards
  • 79 Gold Awards
  • 61 Champion Awards
  • 67 Legend Awards
  • 58 Hall of Fame Awards
  • 3 Reader for Life Awards

Congratulations to our Premier’s Reading Challenge participants for 2023. A very big thank you goes to Mrs Jenkins who coordinates the awards at our School.  It is a huge undertaking and Mrs Jenkins takes this mammoth job in her stride.

Illustrator Vaughan Duck visits Year 5 Students

On Monday 30 October illustrator Vaughan Duck worked with our Year 5 students to share his journey of becoming a published book illustrator, with over 300 text books, readers and picture books. The students were fascinated as Vaughan demonstrated his drawing techniques and the apps he uses to complete drawings ready for publication. Vaughan stressed the importance of practice and shared great strategies he uses for developing characters. His insights into the publishing process were interesting and boys were astounded at the length of time and drafting it takes to produce a book. The unique collaboration between author and illustrator was also showcased. Strategies and tips for drawing were shared and many boys were delighted with the shape approach that he uses to create many of his drawings.

Enjoy the pictures of a Monracat and a Unidoboon that were created as a result of a group brainstorming by the Year 5 boys.  I think you will agree that he has amazing talent.

Here are some comments made by boys as a result of Vaughan’s presentation:

I learnt that you only need three shapes to draw anything Luke Buttignol 5B

Vaughan Duck made it look easy to create cartoon characters. I loved watching him create a Unidoboon which is a character inspired by a Unicorn, Dodo and Baboon Carlos Zhu 5B

I loved his creative ideas and his cool books suitable for ALL ages! It was so fun learning how to draw in his funny style! Nicholas Young 5B

Fun, entertaining, explosive Luke Nguyen 5S

Alison Winter