Once Upon a Festival – Literary Excursion

Posted 10 November 2023
Senior School

Last Friday, a group of 34 boys from the Junior School and Senior School attended Once Upon a Festival, a literary excursion held at Immanuel College. The festival was a unique opportunity for students to meet and learn from some of Australia’s established and emerging writers and illustrators. Students attended sessions with authors Amie Kaufmann, Katrina Nannestad, Reece Carter, Tim Harris, Matt Stanton, Sean Williams, Astrid Scholte, Mike Lucas, & Miranda Luby. The day was rounded off with illustration workshops with Aska & Tsunami Hee Ja. It was a thoroughly enjoyable and inspiring day.

“My favourite thing about the festival was when Matt Stanton talked about the true, funny stories.” – Orlando Ng (Year 5)

“I liked seeing Tsunami Hee Ja because we got to draw Manga and seeing Katrina and learning about the authors ideas and inspiration.” – Paxton Le (Year 5)

“My favourite bit of the festival was learning to be better at Manga and getting a signature from Matt Stanton.” – Jack Nolan (Year 5)

“I absolutely LOVED Amie Kaufman’s talk about what goes on inside a writer’s brain. I even got her autograph as a bonus. Furthermore, I enjoyed making a short story with Miranda Luby for the last session. It was actually really funny the ideas we made up.” – Benjamin Gill (Year 7)

“I liked the anime drawing, it was really fun” – Max Harms (Year 7)

“I really enjoyed the talk on comics and the talk by the author of Aurora Rising” – Hugh Hall-Craggs (Year 7)

Katherine Hicks
Head of Library & Archive Services