State Debating Selection

Posted 10 November 2023
Senior School

Congratulations to Alex Koh (Year 11) and Jack Pillay (Year 10) on their selection in the State Debating Squad. Their selection was based on a multi-stage trial that occurred over four days and involved debates, seminars and a knowledge test.

Alex and Jack, along with the other five members of the State Debating Squad will meet twice a week next year to train together in preparation for Nationals. They will be coached by old scholar Shiva Mukherjee (SHT 2020), Evelyn Vincin-Walker and Kyan Jenkins.

Over the course of this training four of the members of the Squad will be chosen as the State Debating Team to compete at Nationals with the other three attending Nationals as reservists.

This year Nationals will be held in Adelaide from the 28th of April till the 5th of May, South Australia will be going into this year as both the host and also the winner of last year’s Nationals that was held in Melbourne.

The State Team’s trial process (and hopefully their training next year) has been very kindly hosted by St Peter’s College.

St Peter’s College has had extensive involvement with the State Debating Squad over the years. At least one member of the Squad has been from Saints every year since 2007, with many of them also going on to be the State Debating Coach.

Shiva Mukherjee (SHT 2020)
State Debating Coach