Strategic Direction

St Peter’s College has been at the forefront of boys’ education for more than 170 years and our goal is to continue to equip boys to live full and purposeful lives.

Our Preferred Future

The strategic plan ‘Our Preferred Future’ outlines how the School will continue to deliver a high-quality and well-rounded education for all our students through seven goals:

  1. Creating a world-class education
  2. Advancing an inspiring social and emotional environment
  3. Developing character, meaning, values and creativity beyond the classroom
  4. Advancing strategic partnerships and programs of innovation
  5. Fostering a positive and collaborative workplace culture that drives change and attracts, develops and supports staff
  6. Creating a sustainable St Peter’s College
  7. Creating a St Peter’s College for the next century

Building Master Plan

To support the implementation of ‘Our Preferred Future’, St Peter’s College has prepared the ‘Building Master Plan’. This plan outlines how the School will continue to achieve academic excellence into the 21st century and provide the best possible pastoral care to support all boys.

The plan respects our heritage and history while transforming our classrooms into more open learning and teaching spaces. A key element of the plan includes the establishment of the Middle Years program and the refurbished Pentreath Building, which opened in 2016.