A life changing opportunity

A scholarship to St Peter’s College is a life changing opportunity. Our scholarships provide promising and capable students with access to exceptional academic, co-curricular and service learning opportunities. Many past scholarship recipients have gone on to achieve great success, while positively and actively contributing to the wider community.

For 175 years, our community has been one of our greatest strengths and continues to make a positive difference to the lives of students at St Peter’s College. We thank our community for their generous contributions to our scholarships program and for sharing our vision to build an exceptional community of learning.

Scholarship Applications for the following categories will open on Monday 5 September 2022:

  • Year 5 Academic
  • Year 7 Academic
  • Boarding
  • Music

Please contact the Admissions team at admissions@stpeters.sa.edu.au if you have any questions in regards to 2024 scholarships.

J.B. Bennett Scholarship (Entry in Year 8 in 2023)

The J.B. Bennett Scholarship offers 50% remission of tuition for a student commencing at St Peter’s College in Year 8 in 2023. The scholarship will continue for the term of the student’s education (Year 8 through to Year 12).

The J.B. Bennett Scholarship will be awarded to a student not currently enrolled at the School, who possesses all-round qualities and who would be unable to attend St Peter’s College without financial support.

Please contact the Admissions team at admissions@stpeters.sa.edu.au if you have any questions in regards to the J.B. Bennett Scholarship.