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Benefiting the Wider Community

As an Anglican School we recognise that the roles of service and character are inevitably linked: serving another builds character, while strong moral character issues in service. Since our foundation, St Peter’s College has emphasised a sense of service through selflessness and our most important work is shaping the character of the boys and young men by developing a sense of truth, respect and service.

Our Service Learning Program is based on relational and life transforming activities that promote student growth and benefit the wider community.

The School’s core values of truth, respect and service are the building blocks for the character of our students. It is through service that our boys:

  • Find meaning in their lives
  • Gain perspective of the world/society around us
  • Improve their mental health and wellbeing
  • Form connections and;
  • Develop and utilise valuable social, emotional and relational skills.

Student and a resident at a nursing home painting together

Service Learning Program Student Outcomes

Demonstrates an awareness of own strengths and areas for growth.

Articulates challenges that were undertaken, and new skills acquired in the process.

Ability to discuss, plan, execute and evaluate service initiatives.

Demonstrates regular involvement and active engagement with a service initiative, even when things are challenging.

Capacity to work collaboratively with others, listening respectfully to other people’s ideas and being willing to take on different roles as required.

Demonstrates an awareness of issues of global importance and takes appropriate actions in response to them either locally, nationally or internationally.

Ability to consider the ethical implications of choices and actions, thinking carefully about right and wrong.

The Journey


Service Learning opportunities commence in the Early Years and continue throughout the Senior Years.

Social, organisational, leadership and communication skills are some of the areas we begin instilling on our boys throughout their time at St Peter’s College and are largely enforced throughout the Service Learning Program. As boys continue through their educational journey, their expectations grow and commitments increase, further adding to their development.

Year level service activities commence in Years 8 and 9. Our Senior School students, with advice and guidance provided by teachers, organise their own Service Learning opportunities. All senior students are expected to complete a minimum of 20 hours.

Internal and external opportunities are in abundance within the School and our boys currently participate in the services detailed below.

House Service

As part of our pastoral care program, our 10 Houses foster relationships with organisations founded on solidarity, action and advocacy. Some of these relationships extend with widely known organisations such as Novita, The Royal Flying Doctor Service, Beyond Blue, Guide Dogs and Headspace.

Students cooking pancakes for Shrove Tuesday

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