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Welcome to St Peter’s College

Welcome to Sancti Petri Schola Collegiata, the Collegiate School of Saint Peter, known as St Peter’s College. It is an honour and privilege to be Headmaster of a school that has been educating the minds, hearts and spirits of students for more than 175 years. St Peter’s College (SPSC) is proud of our history of academic success including three Nobel Laureates, ten Australian Premiers, 42 Rhodes Scholars and a new generation of young leaders. Above all, we aspire to develop ‘strong and lovely’ graduates prepared for a fulfilling life beyond school in which they will work alongside others in an ever-changing multicultural world.

Education is a life journey and the aim of St Peter’s College is to undertake this journey in partnership with parents. In our co-parenting role, we share responsibility for the successful navigation of each student through childhood and adolescence. Aligned in values, both the School and parents work together to prepare our boys for a future filled with possibilities and challenges.

The goal of every school community is to ensure each child blossoms at school and thrives throughout their lives. St Peter’s College recognises and celebrates the unique qualities of each individual, fostering an environment where boys can flourish in their personal identities. Our dedicated staff, passionate advocates for an all-boys’ education, provide guidance and support, allowing for positive behaviours to be normalised without the pressure of wider community stereotypes.

St Peter’s College does not just deliver educational programs, it is a morally formative institution, in which we teach character whilst also acknowledging that there are others. Embedded in our Anglican Framework, we instill strong moral values in our students, and a contemporary understanding of the relationship between leadership and service.

I do not underestimate the decision in choosing the right school for your son. On paper, schools can look the same, yet we know from personal experience that the soul of every school is absolutely unique. I warmly invite you to explore our campus, meet our students and staff, and when doing so, ‘press firmly’ to test the soul of our School.

Tim Browning

Photo of the schools Headmaster

A great school is a place where you come to reflect upon society, not merely be a reflection of society.”


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