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Developing Character

At St Peter’s College, developing a young man’s character is as important as fostering his intellect. We understand boys and young men and their specific learning and emotional needs, and wellbeing is at the heart of our learning community.

Our teachers are committed to providing the best care for each and every boy; care that focuses on developing their inherent strengths and talents, and providing an environment where they feel safe to be themselves. We believe that teaching our boys resilience is essential in equipping them for the challenges of the future.

Our wellbeing strategy builds upon the traditional pastoral care model established in the School’s formative years through the House system. In addition to our pastoral care focus on wellbeing, our wellbeing lessons are focused on developing a clear understanding of wellbeing and preventative mental health strategies.

“Because we are Anglican we place a strong focus on the pastoral care and wellbeing of every individual.”



SENIOR School houses


Senior School boys and Junior school boys playing cricket


Two students hugging and celebrating

Wellbeing Education

St Peter’s College provides a safe, inclusive and engaging learning environment and we are a world leader in wellbeing and positive psychology.

Our wellbeing framework, is based upon wellbeing programs, which influence all aspects of school life. The programs include a taught wellbeing curriculum that has grown from the in-residence work of internationally renowned psychologist Professor Martin Seligman. The curriculum is focused on teaching specific skills that assist students to strengthen their relationships, build positive emotions, enhance personal resilience, promote mindfulness and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Our wellbeing programs also include wellbeing focused year level talks and the ongoing monitoring and measurement of student wellbeing, within pastoral care groups. The wellbeing of all students is supported by the work of registered psychologists and chaplains who work across all year levels to help boys and their families.

“Given the uniqueness of all our students, being a member of our community has nothing to do with ‘fitting in’ and everything to do with belonging.”

Pastoral Care and Houses

St Peter’s College prides itself on a strong pastoral system. In the Junior School, form teachers facilitate the pastoral program.

In the Middle Years, mentor classes are grouped by year level to help students navigate the complexities of the onset of puberty and all the physical, emotional, and social changes that occur at this time.

Upon reaching Year 9, students join the House Mentor system where classes are grouped across the final four-year levels.

Pastoral care sessions provide the perfect opportunity to foster healthy discussions around current events and issues where students can respectfully share and listen to opinions. Days always begin with a Bible reading that is contextualised by the School Chaplain with discourse encouraged among the students. Students are also supported by their mentor to set and review goals and evaluate progress in their academic and co-curricular endeavours.

“Given the uniqueness of all our students, being a member of our community has nothing to do with ‘fitting in’ and everything to do with belonging.

Students in a big group smiling

Students in a big group

Our House System, co-curricular program and clubs and societies are fundamental components of our pastoral care system. Whether rooted in annual traditions, community activity or faculty-led project, the aim of all initiatives is to foster connections that contribute to wellbeing and strengthen a sense of belonging and camaraderie. Boys learn the valuable lesson that shared meaning and purpose emerge when we belong to something far greater than ourselves.


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