Overseas Giving

The St Peter’s College Foundation is a member of the Australian Independent Schools (AIS) USA Foundation which allows taxpayers in the USA to make tax deductible donations.

The AIS USA Foundation is a non-profit tax exempt 501(c)(3) corporation and complies with US regulations for charities. By donating through AIS USA you will receive full USA tax advantages and a tax-deductible receipt for your donation. The Foundation welcomes gifts from individuals, foundations and corporations in the US.

How do I make a donation to St Peter’s College through the AIS?

By credit card:
To make a donation by credit card to St Peter’s College that qualifies for a USA tax deduction, go to the AIS USA website, click on the “Donate” icon on the front page and selected ‘St Peter’s College – SA’ in the drop-down menu.

By AIS donation form:
Please download and complete the AIS donation form and forward with your donation to the School’s AIS USA representative, as noted on the form.

Our donor community is located across the globe and we are grateful for their continued generosity in supporting our students and the School.