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On Tuesday 7 May 30 aspiring economics students were the guest of the University of Adelaide’s economics faculty.

For the tenth consecutive year, students sat in on a first-year university economics lecture and realised that the step up to first-year university economics is not as large as they thought. Students were also offered the experience of a university style tutorial on game theory and again they impressed their tutors with their focus, understanding and questioning.

To cap off the day, we got caught in a huge downpour on the walk home. If the day was not as memorable for the economics, it certainly was for the walk! Adelaide University offers a range of economics-based courses from commerce, advanced economics and international trade. Our thanks to thr university and the economics faculty for providing such an invaluable opportunity

A big thank you to Mark Colsey for his support in setting up another excellent tour that gave our students a rich learning experience.

Mr Jon Inge and Mr Jeremy Borgas