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The Junior School was thrilled to host the 2020 State Robocup Junior Competition on Friday 23 October. This exciting competition saw over 250 students, 86 teams and 12 schools compete in four disciplines: Rescue, Sumo, Soccer, On-Stage.

St Peter’s College put up a tough competition with 18 teams and 37 boys competing in the following areas:

◾ 9 teams in the Primary Rescue
◾ 6 teams in the Secondary Rescue
◾ 3 teams in the Standard Sumo.

Standard Sumo
The Standard Sumo competition was fierce, however one Sumo team made it all the way through to the quarter finals before being knocked out.

At the end of the three preliminary rounds in the Rescue Competition we had one primary team in first place and two secondary teams in first and second place.

The final round was an interwoven course of three different challenges, where all three finalists compete at the same time, rotating to the next challenge every two minutes.

Vipul Pabbathi and Alden Au’s (Year 6) robot struggled on one part of the first challenge, but managed the next two challenges almost without flaw, earning them a silver medal.

In the secondary finals, Edward Gross and Aidan Du’s (Year 7) robot managed all three challenges quite well, earning them a silver medal.

Zimu Fan and Sze-Siong Koh-Buckland’s (Year 7) robot unfortunately had a system freeze part way through the first challenge, however, went on to complete the next two challenges with minimal problems, earning them a bronze medal.

Three other primary teams finished in the top ten: Will Freeman and Kelton Hayward (Year 6); Louis von Doussa and Nick Robertson (year 6); and Lutanda McLeaod and Hunter Di Blasio (Year 5).

Three additional secondary teams also finished in the top ten: Lachlan Siow and Evan Nguyen (Year 7); James Rajapaksa, Ahaan Kothari and Ishaan Chaudhuri (Year 7); and Edward Forbes and Ruckshan Jayachakaran (Year 8).

A number of these teams have qualified for the National Competition which will be held in 2021.

Mr Colin Becker
Junior School Teacher