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During Week 5 you could have been mistaken for thinking the library had turned into a retro gaming arcade!

International Games Week was celebrated with an array of card and board games alongside two retro consoles, the Sega Mega-Drive and Super Nintendo.

The most popular event was the Mario Kart Tournament where students battled it out to be crowned the St Peter’s College Mario Kart Champion. The tournament started with 64 players and over the course of the week, gradually that number was whittled down to the final two racers: Aidan Makris (Year 8) and Seth Irwin (Year 7). The final course was Rainbow Road with Aidan and Seth neck and neck for most of the race. Seth moved into the lead in the last lap but just before the finish line he hit his own banana peel, sending him into a spin as Aidan raced in and snatched the win becoming the first St Peter’s College Mario Kart Champion. It was thrilling to watch!

Another huge hit from Games week was the giant Jenga. No one was able to stack the blocks to the maximum height of 2 metres, but that’s no big deal – the level of skill displayed was still quite impressive and enthralling. The most impressive feat was the student who managed to remove the single block on which the teetering tower balanced. Quicker than the eye could see, the student yanked out the pivotal block, hurtling it across the room, and miraculously the tower dropped down onto itself and remained standing. Pure brilliance!

It was a great week and it was lovely seeing so many students engaging with the library space, whether they were playing video games, board games, floor games, or just quietly sitting back reading a good book.

The Miller Library Team