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Held mid-November, we celebrated the hard work and dedication of Toby Collins (Year 12) and Bradley Robran (Year 12) as they graduated from Barkuma’s Transition Program. The Barkuma Transistion program is designed to assist final year students with a disability and/or learning difficulties, in making a smooth transition from school to future pathways. The 12-month training program provides structured learning, skills development and work placement opportunities. Students are also offered links to services that provide ongoing training and support to gain and maintain employment.

Generously supported by the Adelaide Convention Centre and StreetFleet, Toby and Bradley received their certificates from the Hon John Gardener, Minister for Education.

Through a combination of accredited training, career guidance and specialised support, Toby and Bradley worked towards a nationally recognised vocational qualification and gained credits towards their SACE. The transition program also supported their families through a challenging life phase and ensured that they had the best possible chance for success.

Bradley followed the hospitality pathway and was required to complete a mixture of theory and practical work. He undertook a cooking project in the industrial kitchens at Adelaide Institute of Commercial Cookery as well as coffee making and front-of-house customer service.

The trainers said of Bradley, ‘Bradley is caring, friendly, motivated and supportive to his peers in class. His dry sense of humour and empathic nature added to the group dynamics, resulting in an enriching learning experience for everyone.’

Toby followed the construction pathway. His course covered skills and knowledge in a range of construction tasks which provides students with an understanding of the industry and the training opportunities that exist in a variety of construction trades. Emphasis was placed on practical activities that involved a range of materials and tools that will be used in the workplace.

Toby worked well in a team and supported anyone struggling. During the course, his confidence improved, and he was encouraged to work outside his comfort zone by leading the group in activities.

Congratulations to Bradley and Toby for achieving their qualification.

Carmen Bester
Coordinator of Students with Diverse Learning Needs