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It was wonderful to welcome boys, staff and parents to the 2023 Football Season Launch.

The following is an extract of the speech delivered by Head of Football Josh Francou

After what has been a busy time in the football community, it’s wonderful that the season is finally upon us as we launch into Round 1 (for some) this weekend.

When outsiders ask me about school footy the first word that come to mind is unique. Unique in a good way. Having been involved in the AFL system for a number of years and seen how it works, I can honestly say football in this school environment is as close to the AFL system as any. What other competition allows boys to spend all day together in the school setting then play with each other on the weekend then dissect and debrief the game on a Monday. I can already hear the stories of how well they played or re-living the goal of the year!!

You may also be asking yourselves what are we trying to achieve from the program? Fundamentally we are aiming to implement a program that promotes inclusivity whilst fostering an environment where all boys feel valued and are given the support to reach their potential. While results may not always go our way the one thing we can control is the effort we as individuals put into the season and the want to be the best we can be and get the most out of our football experience at SPSC.

The other important aspect of playing a team sport like football, which often gets overlooked, is the social aspect of playing in the school environment where boys can enjoy each other’s company while trying to achieve a common goal of success. One thing that is also important to remember, winning is just one component of playing sport. So regardless of results, building friendships and developing skills in leadership and teamwork is also a critical part of your development which you will carry with you beyond the four walls of this school.

The final aspect of playing football at SPSC is what happens off the field is just as, if not, more important than what happens on the field. Being respectful in the classroom to both teachers and peers but also putting in maximum effort to get the most out of your experience at St Peters college. The boys have been given a wonderful opportunity to attend a school like this so the message is to grab it with both hands and make the most of it.

To give you a bit of an update of the football program and what’s been going on…

In Term 4 last year many boys participated in the Speed@Saints sessions and Run Club with Mr Checker. This was designed to start to lay the foundation for the upcoming season. Pleasingly many boys attended these sessions, and we are seeing the benefits.

Whilst official football training for the Years 7 to 10 students kicked off in the last week of Term 1 with a time trial, the senior program has been going since early in Term 1. In late January the senior boys participated in a pre-season football camp at Finniss where we focussed on education, fitness, game plan development and culture and team-work.

The senior boys also participated in an exchange with Melbourne Grammar School in the second week of the recent holidays where we played games against Melbourne and Mentone Grammar. In a pleasing result we were victorious against Melbourne Grammar but more importantly the boys were able to make new friends and also continue to develop bonds with their friends here at SPSC.

Boys in Years 7 to 10 have this to look forward to in the coming years as I’m sure if you’ve asked, they all had a great time in Melbourne and built some great friendships with the Melbourne Grammar boys.

With the upcoming season, tonight also gives us an opportunity to show our appreciation for the coaches and managers who put their hand up to look after the boys and help develop their football skills and game sense. There are too many to name but to everyone involved in the football program, thank you. Thank you for your support and dedication. Without it, running football would be impossible.

A special mention must, however, be given to our teacher in charge of football Cameron Hromin and head of strength and conditioning for football Charlotte Mathews – another two of the numerous Port Power supporters here at the School. Cam and Charlotte do a power of work behind the scenes to ensure the program runs smoothly.

To all the parents – having your son or sons playing sport does come with a level of commitment – early morning weights session and games on the weekend all over Adelaide. I thank you for your support and appreciate the commitment needed to make this happen.

Finally, to the parent committee led by Nick and Bec Maerschel – thank you for your support in helping to organise events and do all the leg work necessary to ensure the success of the program and build a football community.

When putting this event together, we as football program wanted to make it special for the Year 12 boys. Whether boys have just arrived at SPSC or have been here since reception it is only fitting that we recognise their contribution to football and the wider school community. Please make your way to the concourse when your name is called to receive your 2023 jumper from the Headmaster.

Josh Francou
Head of Football