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The build-up to our two days of competition commenced back in Week 11 of Term 1 with Years 7 and 8 lesson time trials. With another three weeks of trials held during lunchtimes early in Term 2 followed by House Musters, all were organised for Individual Medleys on the Thursday prior to the main day of competition held the following day at the SA Aquatic and Leisure Centre, Marion.

In excess of 900 students completed at least one trial prior to the Thursday and Friday competitions. Excluding butterfly (no trial points on offer), during the trials period, 2,264 individual times were entered. Congratulations to all House/Mentor staff and students. Acknowledging mass participation was high on our list of objectives, these figures formed an excellent foundation for the final days of competition.

Following a debrief post the 2022 program, it was agreed to implement certain modifications to this year’s program. They included –

  1. Novelty Events – with some changes to rules, all now include various buoyancy aids adding to the attraction of participation for all abilities.
  2. Trials – The administration of trials were more formalised, assisting with improving the accuracy of data entry. A designated timeslot was also introduced for the less confident trialist to join.
  3. Championship Events – With respect to our more accomplished swimmers and to the practice of maintaining event records, an experienced Chief Referee was rostered on.

In administering these changes, we were in pursuit of enhanced inclusivity for all abilities. Throughout the two days of competition, Teamwork and Service to House shone through. Respect comes in many forms. This valuable attribute was also frequently noticeable.

I thank the following people; to all parents and other family members who attended. Your attendance undoubtedly adds to the boys’ overall experience. St Peter’s College and Aquatic Centre staff, who filled various roles. Your positivity and reliability were sincerely appreciated. A special thanks to the House Swim subcommittee of Messer’s David de Lacy and Stewart Smith, to Mr Rob Lane for his behind-the-scenes work and to Mr Matt French for his support.

Congratulations to the following Age Champions, Runners Up, new Record holders and Houses on their achievements.

Age Champions 

Age Group Champion Runner Up
U13 Jimmy Huang Cowen Suyapto
U14 Max Hewitt Alden Au
U15 Dan Whittaker Lachlan Estcourt-Hughes
U16 Bryce Hammond Oliver Maddern
Open Lachlan M Bell James Stockman

New Records 

Name Event New Record Previous Record Previous Record Holder Year
Alden Au U14 Breaststroke 33.72 sec 33.98 sec S.G. Spiel 2002
Max Hewitt U14 Butterfly 28.97 sec 31.04 sec D.C. Norman 1992
Max Hewitt U14 Individual Medley 1min 05.25 s 1min 11.50s H Scott-Young 2019
Max Hewitt U14 Freestyle 25.56 sec 27.02 sec S.G. Spiel 2002
Max Hewitt U14 Backstroke 31.75 sec 33.07 sec S.G. Spiel 2002

House Champions 

Junior House Cup 

Placing House Point Score
1st Farr 10,560
2nd Woodcock 9,109
3rd Howard 8,628
4th Farrell
5th DaCosta
6th Young
7th MacDermott
8th Short
9th School & Allen
10th Hawkes

Senior House Cup 

Placing House Point Score
1st School & Allen 7,008
2nd Young 6,138
3rd MacDermott 6,094
4th DaCosta
5th Woodcock
6th Farr
7th Howard
8th Farrell
9th Hawkes
10th Short

Champion House 

Placing House Point Score
1st Farr 15,911
2nd Woodcock 14,541
3rd Howard 13,534
4th Young
5th DaCosta
6th MacDermott
7th School & Allen
8th Farrell
9th Short
10th Hawkes

Mr Tony Checker
Carnivals Coordinator