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This week, we celebrate the graduation of the St Peter’s College Class of 2021. However, there is something extra special about this cohort as they were actually the first group of Year 7s to experience the new Middle Years program. Speaking to many of the students this week, it is clear that they still hold many fond memories from their time in the renovated Pentreath building. If only, we had filmed them as fresh-faced, young students on the beginning of their Senior School journey! If only…

It is quite poignant that in the same week our Year 12s were graduating, we filmed our Year 7s students answering several questions about school, life, and future ambitions. These recordings will be edited, archived and played again for their Graduation in 2026.

This concept is modelled on the documentary 7Up and will feature responses from students when they are in Reception, Year 7 and Year 12. Whilst it will still be a number of years before we see the finished product, the articulate responses of the students and professional film production, have ensured it is something that will be well worth the wait! A big thank you to our Communication and Marketing team for their work on the project.

Mark Coventry
Head of Middle Years