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At the end of Term 1, the Year 1 group went on an excursion to Seymour College to spend the day sharing and furthering their knowledge of THRASS.

THRASS is a phonetics teaching tool which stands for teaching, handwriting, reading and spelling skills. It uses a phonographic, multi-sensory focus that makes reading and spelling much simpler, faster and more sustainable than the conventional phonic approach. THRASS is used across all year levels in the Junior School.

All students were excited about heading off on their excursion and when we arrived at Seymour College and were greeted by students playing bagpipes in the beautiful Seymour campus. Students then each picked a flower to give to their hosts which made for a lovely introduction.

The day began with THRASS themed games and morning tea, followed by an adventurous treasure hunt around the school for all the missing graphemes and pictures from the THRASS chart and thankfully they found them all!

The students were surprised to see a special visitor, Mr Browning, who came to visit and shared a very clever THRASS poem with us and also brought a flower from his garden for Mrs Browning.

This was followed by some STEM challenges and cupcake decorating. The students then sat down to a delicious cheese pizza lunch followed by ball games on the oval.

After lunch the students enjoyed gameshow style THRASS quiz and disco. Staff and students thoroughly enjoyed their excursion to Seymour College and look forward to hosting Seymour students in Term 4.

Emily Rogers
Years 1 and 2 Coordinator
Teacher – Junior School