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Throughout Term 2 St Peter’s College has trialled the closure of the through road along Main Oval. During the trial we liaised closely with the City of Norwood, Payneham and St Peters as well as other experts to ensure we worked within the guidelines of the Road Traffic Act. Our CCTV cameras and other analysis have shown that the road closure has created a safer environment for our students. Thank you for your support and cooperation throughout the trial.

The trial has almost concluded and is considered a success. As such, it has been decided that the road will remain closed until further notice.

Drop-off and pick-up points will remain the same as follows:

  • The Trinity Street entrance (Bruce Gates) will be open with safe drop-off points outside Memorial Hall and along the Avenues.
  • The Hackney Road entrance (Hayward Gates) will also remain open and many parents are already using the new drop-off zone created near the Boarding House.
  • The carparks at Hackney Road and near Hill Wing will continue to be open as usual.
  • The additional pedestrian entry gate and path at Pembroke Street (to the south of the main Pembroke Street entry) is now open and working well. This provides additional spaces for cars to park safely and drop off students near the new entry gate.
  • The Junior School carpark and drop-off zones will continue to operate as usual.

If you have any comments or concerns, please email