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On Friday 15 March, the School held its first major music event for the year, the Alfresco Concert. A variety of performances from Junior School to Year 12 students graced the grounds in front of the Hill Wing Music Centre. This concert showcased a diverse range of music styles, and a combination of both large and small ensembles and solo performers. It was a thoroughly enjoyable night of music in a picture perfect setting.

With the blessing of beautiful weather and a location in the heart of the school, every boy’s musical skill was on full display framed by the sun going down over the city of Adelaide. Performances ranged from the immense power of the Combined Choir, the School’s largest ensemble comprising boys from both the Junior and Senior Schools, to the nuanced and emotive sounds of the 4-piece Chamber Group. The audience also listened to the  sharp, upbeat groove of the Big Band, the slow and thoughtful sounds of the guitar duet, as well as performances from the Rock Band, Senior and Middle Orchestras, DJ Society and a variety of soloists. The music department’s extensive range of strengths was in full view and provided a wonderful night of music for all to enjoy, and a promising start to an exciting year.

Each boy should be commended on their performances and the work they put into rehearsals. Thank you to Mr Walsh and the rest of the Music Department for their work in making the concert run so smoothly, in directing the various groups and ensembles and raising them to such a high caliber. We are also grateful to everyone who assisted with the event; AALT for their magnificent contribution to sound and Friends of Music for their contribution and providing food and drink to everyone who attended.

The Alfresco Concert was a wonderful way to begin this year.

Henry Allen (Year 12)
Music Captain