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THRASS is used as part of our approach to teaching reading and writing in the Junior School. Students receive explicit instruction in phonology (the study of sounds in language), orthography (the study of letters representing sounds in words) and morphology (the study of parts of words – e.g. base words, prefixes & suffixes) as part of this approach. Teaching these skills to a high standard requires a sound understanding of linguistics and pedagogy.

We were fortunate enough to be able to host a two-day THRASS professional learning conference in January this year where teachers from our Junior School were able to learn and further enhance their linguistic pedagogies that will be used to support their teaching of reading and writing. Teachers have continued their learning beyond these days and already employing some of their learnings to extend their students’ literacy development.

We are fortunate to be part of an exceptional community of learning where adults model to students that learning is a life-long process and that it is not something “to finish” but rather a journey that we all are on. We look forward to hosting a THRASS parental learning session in the near future.

Jon Gelsthorpe
Deputy Head of Junior School – Teaching and Learning