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Throughout Term 2, Year 6 students planned and prepared for the annual Anglican Charities’ Day fundraising event. In preparing for the day, they worked in small groups to organise an activity or stall for the younger students of the Junior School. We challenged the boys to practise a variety of enterprising skills including creativity and innovation, communication, teamwork, project management, citizenship and financial literacy. The focus of Anglican Charities Day is to develop charitable entrepreneurship skills. As a Year level we discussed the important programs that our fundraising would support.

Despite the days prior being some of the wettest in Adelaide so far this year the sun shone brightly during the event. The Junior School students enjoyed their sausage sizzle lunch and then moved throughout the stalls. Leaders from the Senior School came down to see the stalls developed by the Year 6 students and their support was appreciated by the boys.

There were a variety of stalls, with the Year 6 students providing some imaginative experiences with great prizes to be won. The ping pong-toss, chocolate bar toss, raffles and lucky dips, goal challenges, waffles, frappes, spiders and slurp juice, and the chance to spin the pirate wheel to win prizes were only a small selection of the stalls run by the boys on the day.

Family Centre North, Family Centre South, St John’s Youth Services and the Magdalene Centre were the beneficiaries of the collective efforts of the boys. In the weeks leading up to this event, and to help the students better understand the challenge set to them, we spoke about the opportunity for students to find meaning in a School activity greater than one’s self. They certainly used this event to further develop character strengths of judgment, social intelligence and kindness as they reflected on the bigger picture of Anglican Charities’ Day.

An event like the Anglican Charities’ Day fundraiser is not possible without the generosity of time and effort from many members of our community. School staff, teachers, parents, carers and friends contributed in various ways towards the eventual success of the day. It is a credit to everyone involved that we were able to raise well in excess of $4,000 to support the programs run by these charities within our South Australian community.

Kate Nixon
Junior School Teacher