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Our Year 6 students put on a fantastic Anglican Charities Day on Friday. The Year 6 boys ran games for the younger boys to enjoy and raised $4,439.85 for Anglicare SA.

Student reflections from the event:

The Year 6 boys held an event called Anglican Charities Day for students from R-5 to enjoy. In groups of 3-4 people, we created stalls for the younger students to enjoy. We were each given $20 to spend on our business/stall. All of the profits made from the success went to Anglicare SA to help families not as fortunate as ourselves. What would we get out of it? We learnt the skills of sticking to a set budget, the difference between a good and a service, the hardships of managing and organizing a business, and how to equally split the workload of a task.
Before all of that though, we had to pitch our idea to our teacher to see if they would accept or decline. We had to present our ideas in either a PowerPoint, or video. This meant we had to come up with a mature idea for our stall, and had to execute it in a straight forward yet detailed manner.
Anglican Charities Day was a blast overall, I had an amazing time. Overall, we collectively made a whopping $4439.85 to donate to Anglicare. This will go towards foster care, emergency assistance, financial counselling and literacy. We both made stalls with our friends, and learnt important life-skills along the way.

Aarit Kothari (Year 6)

On Friday of Week 7 we had an event called Anglican Charities Day. This event’s purpose is for the Year 6 students to raise money for Anglicare while also learning basic business skills. This event was for R-5 to enjoy and was a win for all as we were able to help the less fortunate as well as having fun and learning new skills like sticking to the budget.  But before that we each got $20 as funding from our parents to set up our stall/business.  We also had to pitch our idea to our teacher to be accepted or declined ergo our stall. We each had to target a specific audience and pitch our service data and set a straightforward idea.
The year 6 cohort had to present with either a video or PowerPoint. All of year 6 had a large variety of different stalls and achieved a massive outcome of $4439.85 cents. Overall I had a really fun time talking to the kids and helping them with the activities. I really enjoyed running a small business and learned some basic financial decisions and skills. The people within the group had to learn how to split all the jobs just like the real world. The money we raised will go towards healthcare, food and learning support.

Aadil Janjua (Year 6)