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During the April school holidays, students from St Peter’s College volunteered their time to help Anglicare SA support people experiencing hardship.

The students joined the Emergency Assistance team at the Magdalene Centre in the city to transform the basement in preparation for winter, helping to sort and organise food packages.

Winter is always a busy time for Anglicare’s Emergency Assistance services. The harsh cold of winter puts additional pressure on those doing it tough, with many South Australian families struggling to pay their bills and afford basic essentials, such as food and warm clothing.

Donations help Emergency Assistance programs continue to provide much-needed emergency food relief, clothing, once-off rent assistance, financial counselling, or referrals to other support services.

“We appreciate the students giving up their holiday time to help others. In their short time with us, the students were instrumental in transforming the basement in preparation for what is to be a HUGE winter” – Jill Rivers, Anglicare SA Emergency Assistance Coordinator.

Jerry Liu said “We joined forces to help with The Magdalene Centre and their operation within the basement. Our task was to revisit the organisation and storage of donated food and goods, making sure that they were put into their different categories and dates. Over three days, we were all able to work through a large number of items ranging from backpacks of essential items to cereals and sauces, sorted into their expiry dates. It was fascinating to find out how The Magdalene Centre functioned. From many volunteers and donations, Anglicare can help those who need support through their services. This experience, though difficult, gave us a sense of accomplishment and unity. The experience left a mark on us, showing the power of teamwork and service and what effect it can have on others.”

This service opportunity was assisted by the student group ‘Service Society’ who help students take their first steps in volunteering and building connections with external organisations. Year 12 student and half of the Service Society Coordinator team, Alexander Piscioneri added, “AnglicareSA helps tens of thousands of Australians in our local community every year. I along with Jeff, Glen, Evan, Jerry and Carbon had the opportunity to help with their Emergency Assistance program. Anglicare receives hundreds of donations almost every day, and our main project meant we devised and implemented a number of storage systems for certain item types that would aid in the operation of the Emergency Assistance program in the long run. Everyone worked incredibly effectively together and showed initiative when facing problems and solving them as a cohesive, cooperative group.

It was a pleasure to participate in this Service Learning opportunity, and it was especially satisfying that our actions were not only helpful, but also long-lasting.

If you would like to know more about our Service Learning Program please email Mr Ruediger.

Ed Ruediger
Service Learning Coordinator