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The language students from Years 7 to 12 took to Lloyd Oval on Thursday 6 September for the Annual Languages Soccer Cup. The conditions were perfect, and the competition was fierce on both pitches from the first whistle

The Junior results were;

China vs France (0-1)
Germany vs UN  (0-0)
France vs Germany (0-0)
China vs UN (3-0)
Germany vs China (0-2)
France vs UN (3-0)

France were victorious with last year’s winners, China, coming in at second place.

The Senior results were;

Germany vs China (1-0)
France vs UN (2-0)
UN vs China (0-0)
Germany vs France (0-1)
Germany vs UN (3-0)
France vs China (2-1)

The senior French team were a ‘tour de force’ in all their matches. Notable goal scorers were Connor Murphy (Year 9), Jack Foster (Year 9) and Adam Goddard (Year 9). Unfortunately, Lachy Gitsham’s (Year 9) goal against the UN was disallowed as he was offside.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be for the UN team as they were unable to score during the whole contest. However, Tom Brooke-Smith (Year 12) made some impressive saves and Fraser Jaffray (Year 11) was effective in defence.

Germany’s MVPs were Harry Tennant (Year 11) who was responsible for scoring most of the goals and Will Gaertner (Year 10) who displayed premiership skills in offence and defence.

Thanks go to our expert referees for the day, Mr Walter Barbieri, Mr Matthew French and Mr Sean Inman. Also, a big thank you to all language staff for organising teams and assisting on match day. Finally, thank you to all the boys who participated and for the soccer supporters turning out to cheer the boys on.

Congratulations to France, outright champions for 2018!

Rachel Spiby
Head of Languages