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On Sunday 21 May (Week 4), 11 boys from our Junior School were invited to perform two songs in Chinese at “Art of Nature”, the first International Youth Painting Expo 2023 in front of more than 150 people audience. The ceremony was held at Burnside Ballroom by Soong Ching Ling Education Foundation (Australia) and Beijing Language and Culture University.

Owen Wu, William Guo, James Guo, Timmy Zhang, Henry He, Lucas Tan, Louie Lu and Max Claessens performed a lovely Chinese folk song “Slow Slow Tune”. Just as the meaning of the name, the melody of this song is slow and smooth. The magic of the music can help the audience to picture the little bridges, creeks, boats, woods, breeze, and drizzle.

Zain Shahyan, Easton Papps-Burford, and Huxley Papps-Burford performed a very popular Chinese pop song called “Blue and White Porcelain”. This song was created by the most popular Chinese pop singer and musician Jay Chou and translated into English by a New Zealand singer. These three boys sang the song in Chinese and English both languages which allowed more people to be able to enjoy its beautiful melody, lyrics, and the meaning of this extraordinary art.

The boys should be very proud of how they represent St Peter’s College in our wider community. Once again, congratulations on these boys’ performance and the passion of sharing their amazing leaning with the others.

Mrs Shelby Baker
Junior School Chinese Teacher