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On Friday 18 August, all Year 7, 8 and 9 students came off timetable for the day to participate in SPSC’s inaugural Arts Day during lessons 1 through 4, and then Battle of the Bands in Lessons 5 & 6. There were 13 different workshops on offer, across all strands of the Arts, with activities ranging from martial arts and Chinese dance, through to digital art, watercolour painting, large and small sculpture making, live looping, drama games, Theatre Sports and film and theatre make-up techniques.  

It was wonderful to observe the positive interactions between the three different year groups in their chosen workshops, and to see them working collaboratively toward common goals in workshops such as “Monster Making” with James Parker. At their core, Art, Drama and Music activities teach communication and connection. Through these subjects, and events such as Arts Day, students learn to collaborate and negotiate, a valuable skill that is transferable to the real world. The plethora of opportunities we provide for students to engage with the Arts all help form part of a well-rounded education and teach numerous transferable skills, no matter what post-school path your son may be considering. It is a well-known fact that today, universities and employers are looking for students and employees who bring more than a high ATAR. Skills in creative thinking and problem solving are increasingly sought after, and medical degrees frequently include art analysis and anatomy drawing as components within the course, as research shows this makes Medical Practitioners better at diagnosis and more empathetic in their approach. The Arts Faculty hope that events such as Arts Day inspire your son to continue their creative development throughout their years at St Peter’s College, recognising and valuing the skills the Arts develop. 

Adele Turner 
Head of the Arts