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Athletics Carnival

After four weeks of trials and a week of build-up with distance events at lunchtimes the Senior School Athletics Carnival opened in fine weather and a sea of House colours. Da Costa House proved very strong taking out the Junior, Senior and the overall trophies from a gallant Woodcock. Adam Goddard had an outstanding competition setting three records, sharing the AK Gordon Trophy with Jonathan Harris, winning the Taylor Medal as the Open 1500m Champion and tying with Joshua White as the 2021 School Athletic Champion.

New records achieved

Name Event New record Old record Holder Year of old record
Adam Goddard Open 800m 1min 57.2sec 1m 57.7 sec C.A. Stapleton 2007
Adam Goddard Open 1500m 4min 4.1sec 4m 11.0 sec C.A. Stapleton 2007
Adam Goddard Open 3000m 8min 47.9sec 9m 2 sec A. Goddard 2020
Jonathan Harris Under 16 800m 2m 01.9sec 2m 02.6 sec A. Goddard 2019
Jonathan Harris Under 16 1500m 4min 13.7sec 4m 18.8 sec A. Goddard 2019
Joshua Moro U15 Javelin 35.86m 35.00 m A.C. Drayton 2019
Joshua Moro U15 Long Jump 6.25m 6.23 m B.J. Slimming 2012

House Achievements

Junior Cup Da Costa 15,243 points
Woodcock 14,035 points
Farr 12,831 points
Senior Cup Da Costa 15,614 points
Woodcock 13,964 points
School & Allen 13,283 points
Champion House Da Costa 30,857 points
Woodcock 27,999 points
Howard 25,457 points

Age Champions

Age Winner Runner-up
Under 13 Fred Kidman (YNG) Lachlan Escort-Hughes (WDK)
Under 14 Ethan Allison (FLL) & Stephen Lacroix-Sneyd (FRR) James Corbin (S&A)
Under 15 Joshua Moro (FRR) Albert Howard (HWD)
Under 16 Jonathan Harris (FRR) Hugh Wells (FRR)
Under 17 Ben Korte (HWK) Arthur Drayton (HWK)
Open Adam Goddard (YNG) & Joshua White (FLL) Felix Packer (WDK)

Winner of the AK Gordon Cup 

  • Adam Goddard (Year 12 YNG) and Jonathan Harris (Year 10 FRR)

Winner of the Chris Taylor Medal 

  • Adam Goddard (Year 12 YNG)


Achilles Cup

The early challenge from a talented Trinity College team raised the anxiety level amongst the Saints faithful and the question ‘was this going to be the year’ was being asked. The athletic fraternity is aware of the very high standards St Peters sets and so it was that the 2021 team responded to the Trinity challenge and for the 48th from 49 attempts prevailed in outstanding fashion, winning by 187 points. Captain of Athletics Meshach Begg with his usual broad smile proudly accepted the Achilles Cup, along with the Intercol Trophy and four out of five age pennants.

In a further accolade to his stellar athletic career Adam Goddard accepted the Tony Keynes Medal for his near record effort in the Open 1500m, missing the mark by a mere 0.78secs. In his presentation Tony Keynes stated that “in its 150 years of athletic competition, Adam is the best athlete ever to grace it’s fields.”

School Points
 St Peter’s College 1,452
Trinity College 1,265
Immanuel College 988

Laurence Humphreys
Athletics Carnival and Achilles Cup Coordinator